The Carpenter builds wall and ceiling framework (metal and timber), including installing windows and doorways, as well as laying timber flooring. Duties may include measuring and setting/marking out site using pegs, string tine, marking pins or marking paint, and using laser levels according to plans and specifications. Duties include lifting and carrying materials onsite. These materials predominantly include metal (galvanised tin) framework, typically weighing less than 5kg per length.

Material is cut to size on-site, framework components are positioned and then tied to the wall/floor, and together to form the frame. For example: small horizontal sections (noggins) are positioned and fastened between the verticals. Subsections may be pre-assembled at ground level and then fastened to the wall and/or floor.

Duties may include the building of pergolas and walkways between sheds, as well as the building of box stairs during the early stages of site set-up. Various hand and power tools are used such as drills, circular saws, nail guns, hammers, levels, squares, screwdrivers, and cordless drills and similar. Work is performed from ground level to overhead and includes using, lifting and carrying of ladders, as well as elevated work platforms and scissor lifts.

Access to the site may involve climbing stairs and the negotiation of uneven surfaces and obstacles.