Dogman attaches slings, chains other hoisting equipment to loads to be moved by crane or plant equipment, directs the crane operators for positioning of the load and provides some manual guidance of the load where required. Duties include examining objects to be moved, estimating their weight, size, weight distribution / centre of gravity and deciding on the type and arrangement of equipment such as slings, chains and other grappling devices required to move them safely.


The Dogman attaches the hoisting equipment to the load using hooks, bolts coupling and clamping devices. This worker observes/spots for hazards, communicates with and directs the Crane Operator as well as provides some manual guidance of the load as it is lifted and then lowered into position.


Communication includes use of hand signs, whistles or two-way radios.


Inspections for damage and wear are performed of chains, slings, ropes, cables, hooks and lifting gear, and defects reported.

Duties include the lifting and handling of slings, chains and couplings of variable gauge and weight. Chains are typically handled in small sections only (typically approximating 15kg between floor level and chest height). They are either lifted section by section when lifting to store, or lifted predominantly by the crane, with the exception of the first section, which involves attaching the chain to the crane hook.

Access to site may involve the climbing of stairs, ladders and scaffolding structures. The Dogman may also be required to climb into heavy vehicles to access loads as well as to climb over objects and materials when positioning chains and slings.