First Aiders

The Peggie / First Aider maintain and clean site sheds, lunch rooms and amenities and may be combined with the role of First Aid Officer. Duties include a daily First Aid equipment check, including checking oxygen cylinder and attachments, First Aid supplies, checking that the defibrillator unit is fully charged, as well as checking that radios are fully charged.


Cleaning tasks include wiping down of tables and bench tops, sweeping and mopping of floors, collection of litter, removal of rubbish bags and bins, the cleaning of sinks and wiping out fridges and microwave units. Toilets are cleaned typically using a long handled brush up to twice per day. Consumables such as milk, tea, coffee, paper towels, toilet paper, soaps and hand cleansers are replenished as required. This typically involves handling small quantities of the consumables. However, it can also involve lifting boxes of consumables, laden milk crates weighing 18kg, the handling of soap and detergent containers weighing up to 20kg and the use of a hand trolley to transport the consumables on site, particularly on delivery to a store area.

Duties may also include updating site overtime boards, setting up radios in position around the site, liaising with foremen, assisting with initial allocation of site lunch room facilities per seating capacity and general site errands.

The First Aid Officer is required to respond to incidents and emergency situations where First Aid treatment is required. This includes application of First Aid within the first aid room as well as around the site as required.